Chakra Meditations

It’s so easy to get lost in activity, in action, and in doing.

I often find myself not even breathing when I’m intent on completing a task. I’m so focused on the activity that my body is almost in a catatonic state.

Now, of course, I’m breathing. But this illustrates to me just how often I have consciously left my body.

I have to consciously remember to pay attention to it, to go inside, to embody it.

This isn’t always easy to do – and can take practice.

Practice makes perfect

Lately, I’m been practicing a chakra meditation.

I first learned about this meditation in Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural book.

It’s essentially a meditation on each of the chakras, starting from the root chakra and going up.

A picture of the 7 chakras going up the spine. Each chakra is a different color and aligns with the 7 main energy centers in the body: the root (tailbone), the sacral chakra (the genital organs), the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the top of the head (crown chakra)

As you likely know or have heard, there are 7 major chakras that trace up the line of the spine, starting from your tailbone (root chakra) and moving up to the top of your head (crown chakra).

Now I’m no expert but there are said to be hundreds of chakras (energy centers) inside and around the body but these are the 7 largest and most commonly known.

They are also easier to visualize and they tend to correspond to the 7 most obvious areas of our body.

This meditation centers around feeling these energy centers deeply, with your awareness, and then imagining this center expanding outward as energy, light, or whatever is fitting for you.

It’s also best if you can channel a positive intention or emotion into this area such as joy, love, or gratitude.

In this way, you are sending positive energy into this area of the body and, as Joe Dispenza might say, creating a new mind in the body (literally altering the chemical makeup of the cells).

After you’ve given your attention to the first chakra and expanded its energy field with your intention, you then move up to the next chakra, and so on.

Start at the root chakra – or most animalistic and primitive chakras (rooted in our survival) and move upwards to our more selfless and spiritual centers (heart, throat, third eye, crown).

In practicing this meditation, you are nourishing your body’s main energy centers with your attention and a positive intention.

Because it’s so easy to ignore or forget to feel our bodies, I find it’s really useful to do this practice once or twice a day (once when I wake up, once before I go to bed).

It doesn’t need to take long.

The most important things are your level of attention (awareness) and the positive intention you send to these energy centers.

When I do this effectively, I feel more grounded, stress is reduced, and I feel calmer and happier.

Do you find yourself losing touch with your body frequently throughout the day? Do you forget to pay attention to it?

Try this chakra meditation and let me know what you got out of it in the comments!

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