Microdosing: Day 5

I want to say that I think there are hold-over effects of the psilocybin from the day before, as today I didn’t dose.

Today, I felt much the same as I felt the day before. In fact, thinking back, I didn’t have any anxiety today. I would go as far as to say I felt positive/optimistic throughout the entire day.

Again, I was productive and calm. It was good.

Although I didn’t get everything done today and ran into some unforeseen things happening, I did not and am not worried about it.

It seems I can be much gentler with myself in terms of the expectations I set for myself. I feel that I am more easy-going and am finding more enjoyment in the little things from making to going for a run.

I also think I’m finding myself less judgmental and more accepting of other people. I don’t feel the need to mentally criticize so much (although I think some of it may still be there – I’ll keep a pulse on this).

Up to now – day 5 – I’m feeling really positive about this experience; I think I may have found something that helps regulate my mood and cuts out the mental noise and feelings of anxiety, and provides me with more positive energy overall.

Hoping that this continues to be the case moving ahead.

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