Don’t Wait for Everything to Be Perfect

Life is precious. Time is precious. It’s not important that you have everything perfect before you can be happy. What’s important is living life now, happily, heartfully, embracing and enjoying what you do have, the journey.

If you stay too focused on always trying to get somewhere else than where you are, you’ll never be happy or appreciate life now. You’ll waste days, weeks, months, and years not appreciating the preciousness of your life, the preciousness of time.

The same thing can be said for relationships. If you think you can do better, you may deny something beautiful now in favor of an imagined future. Of course, you may have a good reason to walk away from a partner but if you are like how I was, spending all my attention imagining a perfect life, not living the one I had.

Call it maturity or getting older, but time and relationships¬†have gained a new importance for me (it could also have to do with having tamed my ego to some degree, too). I’ve begun to come to terms with imperfection, realizing that everything doesn’t have to be perfect before I can start enjoying my life. There’s no for that anyway!

What I’ve learned to be important is showing up in the world. Am I being a true reflection of my heart, my desires? Am I living my truth?

This isn’t an easy path to take. It requires real courage and a willingness to be vulnerable, to look silly, make mistakes – to be imperfect. But it is the path to more humility, connection, and authentic living.

As the hands on the clock continue to tick by, I begin to consider more what I really want and commit to facing the world with strength and courage in service of that.

I am getting older. I don’t have forever. And by spending my time fretting over creating some perfect reality, I’m ignoring what’s real for me now, all those precious moments where I can allow myself to interact with the world, not from a place of “needing to get”, but from a place of creating moments of beautiful imperfection now, in full alignment with my mind, body, and soul.

Get messy, start living.  Create memories. Be vulnerable. It sounds like a tall order, maybe, but anything less is a disservice to yourself and to the world.

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