How to create the reality you want

Your mind is your most powerful tool for creation but if not used wisely, it can work against you. You must be careful what thoughts you choose to entertain in your mind as they will create your reality. If you are a pessimist and focus on thoughts and feelings that deflate you, you will experience that reality. Conversely, if you consciously choose better thoughts, that too will become your reality.

It can be hard to change our realities because we tend to experience them first hand, every day, every minute. It takes conscious choice, consistency, and persistence to shape a new reality but we have that power.

My Journey with Thoughts

I have not been good at being vigilant over my thinking. For close to 2 decades, I’ve allowed negativity to take up my attention, and for this, the world I’ve created for myself is full of negativity in the form of anxiety, doubt, and fear.

I tend to see what I fear instead of looking for what I desire. I spend more time focusing on the negative then seeing the positive, and for this, I’m paying the price. If I could go back in time, I would have rooted out this bad habit much earlier. Now, I’ve got a deep hole I need to crawl out of but I’m determined to start consciously creating my reality.

Our Addiction to Negative Thinking

For some – myself included – it is all too easy to choose to think negatively. For me, I almost wear it like a badge of honor, as if there is something noble in thinking negatively, and that because I have problems, I have something to fight against. Maybe it’s partly an addiction to this struggle. Likely, it gives me my identity but it is a negative, unhelpful one.

The truth is, no one is going to award me a medal for having the most problems, and I’m really only hurting myself. I am responsible for my life and everything that shows up in it, and I’m the only one that has the power to change it.

This habit of choosing negativity seems to be largely unconscious, in that, I hardly know I’m doing it but breaking this pattern with awareness would be the first step in overcoming this negative pattern of thinking.

Awareness: The First Step

Becoming aware of our thoughts is the first step; noticing our negativity as it arises breaks the spell of unconsciousness and gives us choice! We can then decide how we wish to focus our minds.

It is hard to re-focus our minds onto thoughts that seem incongruent with our current circumstances. For example, if you feel insecure, it can be hard to convince yourself that you are secure and confident. It’s unlikely this change will happen overnight. It will require consistent effort and vigilance to notice when we are not thinking in harmony with our ideals and to re-focus our minds but becoming aware of our patterns will give us the agency to do something about it.

Feeling Is The Key

If becoming aware of our thoughts is the first step in reprogramming our realities, feeling is the driving force behind our thoughts that helps to energize this change.

When we tap into the feeling of having or being the things or person that we want to be, we start to draw that into existence. There is an energetic resonance that starts to create our feelings in the external world. We embody this reality in the internal world and it is the law of attraction that we will receive this same energy in the external world.

I don’t have the vocabulary, at this time, to explain what is happening on a scientific level, I can only say that feelings make things real and I believe they are the most effective way of altering our energetic and emotional resonance. That is why visualization is so important and why it’s so critical to embody the feeling of what you are visualizing.

Thinking about how you want to be is the first step but feeling how you would feel if you were that person starts to create the vibration necessary to bring that into existence.

Have the Courage to Think Big

As a chronic negative thinker and “realist” it can be hard to imagine myself or the world differently than how I currently perceive it. It requires imagination and the ability to suspend disbelief to allow yourself to sit in these new thoughts and feelings. I truly believe that life will give you what you ask of it, so why not think big? Why not dream wildly and suspend disbelief that you can manifest all that you want?

Reality is not fixed, it expands and contracts to suit our vision of it and thus, ultimately, we are the masters of our own reality. We have the power to shape and craft our vision of the world and it is through our thoughts and feelings, and how we use our minds, that we can start to become the creator of our realities.


To conclude, our minds are the most powerful tool in the universe because they allow us to create our own realities but we must be vigilant of the thoughts that we allow to entertain in our minds. Life will give us exactly what we expect to see, so if you think negatively, that is what you’ll get. Choose to think positively and that is what you will create.

If you are a negative thinker or have a habit of thinking negatively, the first step is to become aware of your thinking. Awareness breeds choice and once you notice yourself dwelling on a negative thought, you can then choose to reframe your thinking and your response to whatever event may have triggered those thoughts.

Using awareness and changing our thoughts is critical but combining that with emotion is a powerful way to amplify your new intention, and combined with your thought and intention, will help to bring what you desire into your life faster and with more ease.

Finally, there are no limits to what we can create in this world so do not limit yourself to what you believe is “realistic”. Dare to dream big and allow yourself to feel what you truly want to have in this life. Don’t allow your conditioning or the world to dictate your reality. Have the courage to allow yourself to want what you want, tap into those feelings, and begin consciously using your mind to allow these things to come into your life.

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