It’s About The Journey

Are you always in a rush to get there? We can spend so much of our time wishing we were somewhere else that we forget to enjoy our lives, and that’s where joy is to be found.

When we’re in the moment, we notice the little things. Time slows down and everything we do, we do with a little more care and quality.

Enjoying the journey doesn’t mean you don’t have a destination but that each step is honored. When you do arrive, those steps will lead to something that was built on quality, and not a blur of actions taken in haste.

You’ll likely find that the destination is that much sweeter because you savored every step.

You Don’t Need To Rush

With so much anxiety and FOMO in the world, it can seem like we’re never moving fast enough to get all the things we want. But that’s an illusion. We have everything we need right now – joy, contentment, peace – if we can just be still and connect to what’s present now. All the answers we need are there.

Moreover, when we try to force an outcome, that is when we faulter and in our need to get there, we actually make it harder to reach our goal.

It’s like the archer in the archery competition who tries too hard to hit the target and misses because her need to hit the bulleyes distracts her from her ability to aim and fire.

And the same is true in life, the harder we try that more we tend to pervert our goal, whereas when we relax and allow ourself to focus on the task at hand – rather than the destination – the results will take care of themselves.

So when you find yourself stressing about the future, center yourself and focus on the here and now. You’ll be happier and everything you do will be embued with greather quality. You’ll also find the results take care of themselves.

Life is not a race but a journey and you get the most out of life when you slow down and enjoy each step you take along the way.

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