Microdosing: Day 12

Again, there’s no noticeable effect from taking the capsule in terms of feeling “high” but the mood stabilizing effects are there. In the past, where I might have felt overwhelmed or despair, these feelings do not arise. I also laugh more, and there’s more joy in my day!

I’ve also started to see some improvement in my hip pain. Apparently, I’ve got something like anterior pelvic tilt. I believe this is linked to stress mainly, as stress leads to muscle tension, and muscle tension causes an imbalance in the way the muscles align.

I believe there is some link between reduced feelings of stress and reduced pain in the body. As the mind starts to operate better, these familiar negative thought patterns recede, and the body has a chance to respond to that abatement.

Now, this hip pain has been with me for some time (years) but in the last week or two, slowly I’m noticing subtle improvements.

I’ve also been focusing on some of the exercises outlined in the article above.

I’ll continue to monitor this as I go forward with this little experiment.

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