Microdosing: Day 14

I continue to feel higher levels of positivity and lower stress throughout the day.

Interestingly, I’m less nervous talking to my parents. It’s that my mind isn’t generating anxious thoughts and I’m able to just be, listen, and respond. I also notice that my responses are clearer and that I’m able to communicate better.

Before, I would tend to overthink things and my communication would get hung up, influenced by anxious thoughts, and this would flow out, through my words, and enter into the conversation energetically but without the anxiety, my thoughts flow freer and this free-flow influences the conversation in positive ways.

My mom said I sounded great on the phone today and I felt relaxed talking to her. The fact that this was the case doesn’t even make me feel any particular pride. Just a subtle joy and quiet contentment; something I don’t need to celebrate too loudly or overtly. I can just be. I’m thankful for that.

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