Microdosing: Day 25

Day 25 marks 3 days without a pill. I can’t say I notice a difference. I’ll take one again tomorrow.

Maybe it’s true that there isn’t a magic pill. The truth is, life will challenge us and it’s up to us to choose our response.

The last few days have been challenging for me but I’m working on choosing positive thoughts over negative ones and finding moments to appreciate what I have to be grateful for. Maybe this is the path to a more balanced life… finding contentment in the small things.

For too long I think I believed that I could find myself in being “more”. Although I always read in spiritual books that this wasn’t the way, I fell into the trap of thinking if I just had “this” or “that”, I’d find happiness, but it’s finding joy in the little things that makes life enjoyable and leads to a healthier and more balanced self.

At least this is what I’m finding lately, in giving up my grasp on needing to “be” something and rather, just learning how to be myself in the moment.

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