Microdosing: Day 28

When anxiety is lessened, decisions come faster. This is what I took from today, jogging through my neighborhood.

I noticed that I was less distracted by all the people and cars I passed. I felt a lack of anxiety and this allowed me to make quick, unhindered decisions about what route I’d take, what street I’d follow, and where I’d let my feet and heart lead me.

It made me aware of the stark difference between feeling and fighting against anxiety (HOCD) and feeling unhindered by this pattern of anxiety.

I don’t know what to contribute this to as mood seems to change as freely and unpredictably as the weather.

What I do know is that I continue to practice bringing mindfulness to my emotions, not letting them hypnotize me into a false sense of alarm or despair.

I’m thankful for the good days and the bad, well, those are my practice.

What I find, in practicing mindfulness though, is just how often my body is in a state of tension; there’s tension in my neck and shoulders. I feel like my back is hunched over and my breathing is shallow.

When I bring attention to this, my spine straightens, my shoulders relax, and I can breathe deeper.

Amazing what the anxiousness of the mind can do to the body.

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