Microdosing: Day 30

Well, the truth is, microdosing didn’t change my world but did it help with my depression and anxiety? Probably not.

There may have been some effects in the beginning but a week or so on, my physical and mental patterns remained.

I did learn a few more tips on positive thinking and adopted a few more practices to help cultivate a more positive mindset.

Some of those strategies are:

  • Practice gratitude each day – reflecting on what I have to be grateful for
  • Reflecting on 3 good things that happened that day
  • Deepening my present moment awareness practice – becoming more aware of my physical self in the moment

I also am learning how to let go of expectation and how to enjoy myself. Learning how to love and believe in yourself is one of the most important things a person can do, I think. And for some, it doesn’t come naturally, or easily. For whatever reason, you may find it easier to be critical of yourself than to let things go.

Learning not to take things so seriously is another habit that can be practiced but who knows if one can adopt it.

I like to think that we have the power to shape our reality to some extent rather than be predisposed to certain traits. But like anything worth doing, it can take time and effort.

I have more tools and have recommitted myself to achieving a more positive mindset but there’s no guarantee. All I can do is have faith and learn to believe in myself.

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