The World Doesn’t Care About You (Let it Fly)

The world doesn’t care about you. You may walk on eggshells but the world doesn’t care. Don’t hide behind a flimsy manicure —  you are you — and the world doesn’t care.

When you let it fly, all that you are inside, the world will accept you as you are. Don’t hide. Fly.

Let it Fly.

We are all just looking for magnificence, something to rectify the insanity; we are all too occupied to focus elsewhere than our minds.

Let it Fly.

We will take all that you have to bear and more, so long as you don’t dirty the channel I’m swimming.

Bring your love but lay down your arms.

Drop your guns and open your arms.

We are gone, so gone.


Hide behind your beer.

Trapped inside your fear.

The world doesn’t care but nor should you. The hardest thing to do, to do less than nothing and do it true. That’s the cure, that’s what’s cut out for you.

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