Microdosing: Day 4

Day fouuuuuuur!

So I went off book today and dropped a pill in the morning (can I say dropped?).

I figured this was okay as there really are no rules around it, only suggestions, guidelines – and I felt like mixing it up a little.

All I can say is that it’s pretty apparent to me that these mushrooms definitely have an impact on my anxiety.

Case and point, I get less stressed when I’m working, I don’t get overwhelmed when I run into a challenge – and I’m able to work longer, which is cool. Also, I seem to be able to retain my focus well.

Second, I’m less anxious around PEOPLE. People usually cause me a lot of anxiety; just being in proximity to them, crossing them on the sidewalk, and talking to them, especially.

I ran into a lady in my building today who, historically, had somewhat of a “weird” energy (I learned today that she might be on the Autism spectrum) but I didn’t feel the immediate anxiety that I would normally feel encountering her (she also seemed a lot calmer. She told me that she had recently cut out smoking marijuana and was in a good place, so that was probably a big part of it).

Anyway, I was way calmer and much more receptive during our conversation. It was nice to actually have a conversation with somebody and be more interested in them and what they are saying than the constant, gnawing pull of anxiety, like pots and pans banging around in the back of my brain, distracting me from noticing the other person.

I’m really amazed at the level of calm I feel out and about, like when I went for a walk around the block today. I notice I’m less concerned or preoccupied with my regular anxious thoughts; instead, I’m just feeling good!

What’s funny, too, is that you don’t really feel anything on the pill. There are no perceivable alterations in concentration, thought processing, physical sensations, and the lot. You don’t feel “high” at all.

I wonder what would happen if I took a capsule every day? I’d probably just feel pretty good.

I think tomorrow, I won’t dose, just to see and feel the effects.

Rock on.

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