Energy Needs to Flow

Everything is energy and when energy is stuck or inhibited, nothing flows. Thoughts and feelings can’t flow through and you feel energetically stagnant. That’s what my experience has been, at least.

I have felt like there’s this store of energy in my lower belly (or lower Dantien). I’ve tried to allow it to be there, mindfully allowing the sensations but it’s not enough. I feel frozen mentally and emotionally. Without movement, that energy cannot flow.

The Root Chakra

The root chakra is known as the center for our feelings of security and our will to survive. When energy is stuck there, the desire to procreate and to live fruitfully and with purpose goes away.

This has been my experience: feeling a lack of will to create! Create a life, create life, and to compete in this world with joy and exuberance.

Over time, my body has become so rigid and so, too, has my mind.

We are taught to suppress emotion

We are raised to not show emotion, to be stoic, and to suppress our emotions but this has the effect of keeping our emotions trapped inside of us, allowing that energy to become stuck and our bodies rigid. And with a rigid body becomes rigid thoughts.

So I did an experiment: apart from incorporating more dancing and shaking into my days, I took this awareness of “movement” out into my day. I incorporated it into the way I walked, being aware of the feeling of energy and movement in my body.

I noticed that when I allow this freedom and flexibility, I feel much better. I feel “free” and energized and surprisingly, I feel more at home in my body. No more am I feeling confined and restricted in my body. Instead, I am allowing it to flow.

Of course, this is a practice but learning to allow the body to move and flow will help to let our natural life energy out.


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