Moving Energy Through The Body

I’m really curious about moving energy through the body. That is, moving stored energy in the lower energy centers up and out through the higher energy centers, as Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about.

I still have a lot of questions like “where did this breathing technique originate from?” I doubt he just came up with it. It’s probably based on some ancient wisdom. Also, how exactly is it done, and for how long?

Image source: Meditative Mind

It seems like it’s based on some form of Kundalini yoga technique, used to harness and move energy through the body with the breath.

It also seems a little crazy, like people passing out (going unconscious) doing it. Can that be good for your brain??

It’s also confusing because Dr. Joe recommends a bunch of different meditation techniques, so which one should you practice? What makes these techniques so special? And why can’t I just meditate how I normally would, at my own pace, like how Shihori Obata describes in his wonderful post on meditating?

Because I’m really anxious to try to release stuck energy, I will likely experiment with his breathing technique where you squeeze everything up from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head while you inhale but I am weary of another “technique”. I also imagine it might be a bit like the Wim Hof method, where you can achieve euphoric states.

I don’t like that most of Joe Dispenza’s stuff is behind a paywall and that there aren’t a lot of clear instructions to be found. Maybe moving energy doesn’t require such a herculean and mystical approach and it can be as easy as movement, sound, and breathwork.

I still have lots of research to do and am particularly interested in Kundalini yoga for releasing stuck energy. I’ll likely be posting about that soon!

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