Microdosing: Day 10

Microdosing psilocybin seems to me, at least, to act as a sort of life-preserver against being dragged under by negative thoughts. Fewer negative thoughts arise during microdosing, and the most stubborn thoughts (in my case, intrusive thoughts) seem to dissolve faster and strike with less force.

I am beginning to theorize that by dampening or inhibiting the flow of negative thoughts, and in their place, returning to a place of general contentment, that slowly one can begin to alter negative thought habits, and perhaps begin to cultivate a more balanced, and loving mindset more naturally.

As someone who had developed a habit of impoverished thinking, it can be really hard to stem the flow of habitual negative thoughts when they arise but with psilocybin, it seems to act as a protective barrier against them.

Don’t resist but redirect

It’s not so much about trying to uproot thoughts and remove them, as thoughts can be very ethereal, transient, and hard to pin down, as they morph and change over time, and change depending on the environment; instead of trying to weed negative thoughts out, psilocybin offers a detour to these thoughts, redirecting you towards feelings of natural contentment rather than resistance within. And with this new approach, I believe it’s possible to alter habitual thought patterns.

In addition, my experience has opened my heart and mind to simpler things. I’m feeling more accepting of others. I laugh at small things, and I don’t feel the disconnect of judging others. This is really powerful, as judgment separates us. Instead of judging, I find joy in witnessing other people and their differences.

I also feel like I can connect with people with much more ease and less anxiety, something that has eluded me for years.

A Note About Fasting

Today was day 3, and my last day of fasting. I have never done a 3 day fast before, that I can recall.

Waking up on day 2 and 3, I felt like my energy was drained. I stayed in bed an extra two hours, and it was harder to get going.

I looked into why this might be and I learned that fasting produces a deficiency of electrolytes, which are normally provided by food. When you’re not consuming food, you need to supplement these electrolytes.

So today, before I broke my fast, I bought one of those zero-calorie sports drinks. It had sodium, magnesium (I think), and a few others. I felt better after knocking it back. My focus was a little stronger and I felt more energetic.

In the future, I will definitely stock my fridge with a couple of bottles of this stuff before I do another extended fast.

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