Microdosing: Day 8

Mushroom micro-dosing does not make your “issues” disappear but it may offer a bridge to better dismantle them and shrink their power over you.

That’s because, in response to your pre-conditioned trigger, your own reaction is curbed by an overarching sense of health and well-being.

I noticed this today when I took a walk down to the water at Dallas rd. I had not had anything to eat all day and I feel like this contributed slightly to a sense of anxiety around seeing and connecting with people.

And while this anxiety is nothing new to me, I was able to respond better in my own mind, able to let go of the fear response sooner and without attaching myself to it.

This reinforces what I’ve been noticing in the previous days, that when a (habitual) negative thought arises, it does not incapacitate me or sideline an otherwise agreeable mood.

Somehow, I’m able to notice when these pangs of anxiety arise mindfully (triggered by an anxious thought), and almost as easily as the thoughts come to mind, I am able to release the negative energy that accompanies them, and with that, the thought is let go, too.

Thanks to the cessation of lingering negative thoughts, I’m better able to put them out of my mind and more able to open up myself to connecting with people and the world.

This affords me a great deal more peace that I otherwise would not have, and this peace continues to support a general feeling of happiness, even after a day of fasting.

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