Microdosing: Day 7

Dosed again today after 2 days off. No noticeable alterations in consciousness (which is to be expected).

Feelings of general wellbeing and calmness remain. It’s really quite remarkable, the feeling of general contentment and the lessening of feelings of aggravation and irritability. I’m still waiting to have a “bad day” but it’s too soon to tell.

I plan to do a 3-day fast starting from tonight until Monday (it’s Thursday evening). That will be interesting and I’ll be curious to see how I feel.

Apparently, fasting and psychedelics go hand in hand as part of psychedelic rituals. Now, micro-dosing isn’t the same as doing large doses, so it’s not quite the same thing but doing an extended fast during this time will be interesting to note.

I was originally worried that taking a microdose capsule would break a fast but apparently, according to some folks on Reddit, micro-dosing shouldn’t affect a fast because the amount of grams in a capsule is so low.

Either way, tomorrow is a food-free and drug-free day (except for maybe some black coffee!)


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