Giving Yourself Permission To Be Yourself

I want to talk about the idea of giving ourselves permission to be ourselves.

What does that mean?

Well, there is a subset of people who rightfully or wrongfully believe that they deserve to struggle. That there is nobility in suffering and that they must suffer for the ability to live the life they desire.

I am here to say that this is a delusional way of thinking. It is a trap that keeps us locked in a story that doesn’t serve us.

When we deny ourselves the ability to give ourselves permission to be ourselves, we serve no other purpose than to prop up this story. But who is it really helping? Does anybody notice your nobility? Does anybody really care? Are you scoring any points?


You’re simply playing a game with yourself, one that you’re very comfortable playing.

When you decide to give yourself permission to be and have the things you want, there is no one that can stop you. You decide the rules for your life because it is your life. People want to see you shine so let yourself! Chastising yourself and holding yourself down doesn’t serve anybody.

So how do you give yourself permission to be yourself? You simply decide. You make the choice internally that you will allow yourself to experience your heart’s desires without doubt. When you do you’ll notice your heart starts to sing. It’s been kept in a dusty old box for a long time but now, you’re giving it the freedom to express itself.

There really is nothing more to it than that: simply allow yourself to be who you’d like to be, the person that aligns with your very heart and soul.

Will this be awkward at first, this new practice? Maybe a little, but stick with it. Continue to give your heart permission to sing. I am speaking to myself as much as anyone else.

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