Microdosing: Day 16

Today I visited family and saw my young nephews. In the evening, we went to a car show, full of car enthusiasts (mostly men).

I like to think that if today was a “bad” day, it was “softened” by the mushrooms.

My struggle with anxiety, in particular, with HOCD comes and goes, inexplicably. Today, if I were not microdosing, I believe it would have been much more acute and harmful to my state of mind but even though I was aware of it, I did not get lost in the anxiety and it didn’t ruin my state of mind.

I’ve been a little more tired than usual or maybe it’s my body adapting to change.

I feel like I am on a healing path and am allowing things to happen; I’m not forcing or expecting anything, just experiencing with open eyes and optimism.

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