Microdosing: Day 2

Day 2 of my microdosing adventure and today’s schedule calls for no capsule. That’s based on an every other day approach that I was introduced to by the procurers of these capsules.

That said, my mood was generally free of the usual harsh negativity that I often struggle with throughout the day.

I woke up early and got right out of bed without too much difficulty. I followed through on my morning routine without too much difficulty and was generally productive.

I was side-tracked while working on a blog article for my business by, regrettably, firing up a couple of tables of online poker. This effectively de-railed my attempt to write a blog post about keyword research; I ended up going back, starting over after considering that what I previously wrote was not in line with the initial topic (lesson learned: don’t play poker while writing unless you want to lose your focus and tank your progress).

My failure to complete the article initially bothered me and I decided to take a break, go to the park and do some breathing and meditation. After 20-30 minutes of that, I returned home and generally let go of my disappointment.

Though I felt a little lonely and isolated alone in my apartment,, I was not overcome with negative feelings, thankfully. I was able to feed myself and enjoy a little TV.

While I wasn’t particularly motivated after dinner to work on any of my other projects, I do feel a sense of well-being underneath a general lack of human connection. Whether or not I can contribute this to microdosing the previous day, I can’t be certain.

Tomorrow is day 3 which means I’ll be taking my second capsule.

Day 3 also coincides with a trip to my parent’s house so it will be interesting to see how I react to being in close proximity to family.

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