Microdosing: Day 1

Today was day one of microdosing psilocybin.

I took a 250mg vegan capsule around 10 am ( Medicinal Ingredients/Active Psilocybin: 200mg; Sceletium Tortuosum: 100mg; Ashwagandha Extract: 50mg ) after doing my morning routine.

I didn’t notice anything in particular for at least an hour.

I had errands to run and needed to buy a birthday present for my mom.

I headed to the nearest shopping mall and initially, I didn’t feel any particular change in my attitude, but within half an hour of arriving at the mall (1.5 hours of first ingesting the capsule), I did start to feel more relaxed; interacting with the store clerks and witnessing people coming and going, I felt calm and less anxious about the various people I crossed paths with.

As it turned out, the store I went to was out of stock for the gift I wanted but the girl called another store and told me that they’d have what I wanted waiting for me there. Despite the situation, I wasn’t upset about it, even though it meant I’d have to walk back home the 10 minutes and catch a bus up to Hillside Mall.

When I got there, I headed to the right store but soon learned that they didn’t actually have the size I wanted. Regardless, I was relatively comfortable speaking with the staff and sorting out the situation.

I eventually resolved the situation, purchased a gift, and arranged for a more suitable gift to be sent to my home as a backup in case the first gift (slippers) wasn’t the right size.

After finding a card, I caught the bus back. Again, I didn’t feel particularly anxious about the people on the bus.

I got home and did a little work and was rather productive.

I later went for a gentle job down to the park. There I practiced some Wim Hof breathing.

I noticed feelings of calm, peacefulness, and contentment; I felt relatively joyful about being there in the park, lying on the ground, with the sun and air upon me.

By the time I got home, it was 6, 6:30 – roughly 8 hours after taking the capsule. I still felt positive and energetic.

After making dinner, I was able to get more work done and had good focus, and managed to stay disciplined in sticking to a schedule.

That night, I spoke with Madison over FaceTime and felt more relaxed and able to be more open and gregarious with my words and mannerisms. In other words, I didn’t feel much stress or anxiety about how I came across or what words I used. It flowed more easily.

All in all, I’m optimistic about my first day of microdosing. I feel like I felt positive effects that were subtle yet kept me feeling positive, clear, and calm.

Tomorrow is day 2 which means I won’t take a capsule. I’m interested to see how I’ll feel.

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