Surrendering to the body

We’re so often chasing after something – we’re quick to want – but where does this desire come from?

In this modern world, it’s likely coming from our minds. From seeing something someone else is doing and wanting to have that, too.

Because we’re so mind-heavy, we’re pulled in 100 different directions all day.

What’s needed is to get out of the mind and into the body.

The trick is learning to feel and surrender to the body.

It’s so easy.

You simply have to focus on your body.

This has the benefit of taking the focus away from your mind and putting it into where your wisdom and intuition lie.

Last week, I wrote about a Chakra Meditation I’ve been doing.

Personally, I have been very guilty of being mind-dominated but this is no way to live.

In fact, it’s the cause behind so much pain and suffering, in my opinion.

Because we are so alienated from feeling our bodies, we live in the head only. We’ve completely vacated the rest of the house and live only in the attic!

Without being in connection with our bodies – and nurturing this connection – we simply have to act from the irrationality and flightiness of our thoughts.

Whereas the body, at its core, is unconditioned thought. It holds our deepest selves and is the key to unlocking our personal power.

Since practicing meditating on these chakras, I have been noticing a difference in the space I feel in parts of my body, particularly around those very energy centers.

I’ve also begun to notice a strengthening and clarity of intention, of what matters most in my life.

By nurturing the body with your attention, you are empowering your truest self to emerge from the shadows.

Sure, the mind will still operate out of habit but if you’ve begun to create a bridge to your body through practicing feeling it, it becomes easier to simply cross back over whenever you find you are lost in fruitless thoughts.

The body says yes and is waiting for you to welcome it into your consciousness. The mind says no and wants to remain closed.

Choose the path toward openness and surrender to the wisdom the body has to show to you.

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