Walking the Path

Just keep walking the path.

There will be days full of doubt. Nonetheless, keep walking your path.

The other option is to get moved along someone else’s path.

This option will also get you where you want to go but it will cost time and bring with it necessary pain and suffering, which is also part of walking your own path.

There will be doubt regardless of which path you find yourself on. There will be obstacles. These are the guide-rails that help to further you along your course.

Trusting the path and knowing there will be obstacles, and yet smiling in the knowing, because even in difficulty, the joy that is yours in selecting your own course makes insignificant the passing displeasure of obstacles and challenges.

Not selecting the path, knowingly or unknowingly, is acquiescing to the world’s invisible hand, one that guides us through fire until we decide to walk our own path.

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