Microdosing: Day 13

I want to talk about some of the overarching themes (effects) that I’ve noticed about microdosing mushrooms

Reduced Fear

One of the surprising effects of microdosing psilocybin is a reduction in the fear response. The mind tends to be happier and doesn’t quickly jump to a fear response; instead, it’s as if the mind is relaxed and life is allowed to occur without the need to monitor, resist, or create commentary about it.

In the same way, you are allowed to exist. That’s because fear is an inhibitor and with fear reduced, you are less inhibited in your actions.

Less Judgment

In line with a reduction of fear is a reduction in judgment: when you’re less fearful, you do not contain within you the energy to judge others. With less fear, love is able to emerge, and in that state, judgment seems like a useless act.

Less judgment, overall, means you’re able to interact with people from a loving space, and this enables the relationship to be without judgment undermining it.

More Freedom

With fear reduced, we are able to exist in a more loving state, and our actions are fluid and more natural; we are free to express ourselves without fear and truer expression of ourselves can begin to blossom.

Personally, I’ve noticed a flourishing of personal projects and goals that, before, I was nervous about and unable to approach but as I feel less fear and more personal freedom, I can approach these things with an open mind and with curiosity.

More Love

Fear and love exist as two polar opposites on a spectrum. As you move away from one, you move closer to the other. Reduced fear creates reduced judgment and more love creates more freedom and more virtuous bonds with those you interact with.

So go get some mushrooms already, will ya? 😉

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