Microdosing: Day 23

Well, I went off course today and didn’t take a pill. That’s two days in a row. But I’m off book now…

I figure I would let it slide a bit seeing as though the last few days were rough even though I stuck to my previous regiment.

I’ll probably take a (chill) pill tomorrow but I don’t expect to feel anything of course. I also don’t know if it will affect my mood.

What has been helping is letting myself feel and bringing acceptance to those feelings. What happens (with enough concentration) is a shift in consciousness and a letting go of tension (a release happens in the body).

I sit there and hone in on the sensation I feel, usually energetic, and bring focused attention to it. With intention, I am able to embrace that sensation with loving consciousness and this changes the quality of the energy. It’s pretty rad.

I figure with enough practice, maybe I can start to undo a lot of the damage previously done by chronic, negative, thinking that has pushed me into an unhelpful rut.

When I practice this conscious acceptance, I notice the tension in my stomach lets go, which is huge. Slowly it comes back in, due to habit, but the fact that I can find some momentary release there is really positive.

Also gratitude. It’s my new thing. Finding at least 3 things to be grateful for each night (and whenever I can remember throughout the day) can instantly shift the mind into a positive state.

While this takes a conscious choice, I think it’s a really healthy practice to adopt.

Mindset is so important. It’s everything, so I’m really trying to cultivate it. But it’s hard and takes practice because it’s so easy to think negatively. I’m hoping that the cultivation of a more positive mindset will have a ripple effect on other aspects of my life like my job, my relationships, and my relationship with myself.

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