Microdosing: Day 26

Day 26. This blog is turning more into a daily journal than an exploration of microdosing but it’s so hard to tell if the mushrooms are having an effect.

Sometimes I think I’m a unique case in that my mind is so accustomed to a certain way of thinking and I’m particularly sensitive to feelings so the mushrooms aren’t enough to make any huge difference in my thoughts and feelings.

What I want to say is that the key, I think, is not in seeking more interventions or alternative medicines but in learning how to be with what is. To be truly present with yourself is the best medicine. It cuts through all the noise.

But it’s very hard to put into practice.

Our minds are so used to busy thinking. And for me, I’m so used to trying to escape from what I’m feeling but it’s in excepting all our sides, good and bad, that we can integrate fully into the person we’re meant to be.

When we try to cover up our flaws, we are not fully facing the world and we are not fully embracing ourselves. We are only showing the world a manicured side of ourselves and the price we pay for that is never allowing our true selves to be seen.

We fear losing face, losing friends, or losing lovers but the people in your life who truly matter are the ones who accept you for you.

It’s hard to face reality. It’s hard to swallow that pill and put aside our delusions of grandeur because they insulate us against the harsh realities of life but living in this protective bubble is not helping but hurting us.

Step out of the protective cave and walk courageously into the day. You’ll find your strength there and that there’s nothing to fear.

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