Microdosing: Day 29

Embrace the fear. Lean into yourself. Experience what you’re hiding from and open yourself to the experience that you’re having right now.

As I continue to lean into feeling myself in the present moment, I keep finding gifts in the moment that help to open and expand my body and my mind. As I do this, I let go the grip of the mind on my waking reality.

Little by little, I’m allowing what is to be and allowing myself to fill up the space with conscious awareness like water flows and wraps around the contours it finds.

I try not to influence, dictate, or judge the direction my awareness flows but allow myself to experience myself ever deeper, and with this, I’m allowing myself to be.

With so much expectation, wanting, wishing, and restlessness that wracks my attention, returning to stillness is an oasis of peace, where I can find balance and clarity to inform the next, most important decision.

Even though I’m alone tonight, even though I have far to go before I reach my goal, I can find peace in the knowledge that within me, everything is ready and waiting for me to claim it.

Now, I look to my own wisdom to inform me where I need to go next. Worrying and fretting about not being at some perceived place is anti-wisdom and keeps me stuck in one place so I’ll return to the mat, return to breathing, and pay attention to what is inside me.

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